Free VPN Accounts FAQ

1. Do you offer Technical Support for Free VPN Accounts?

There is NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT offered for our Free VPN Accounts. Only our PROVPN Accounts receive support.


2. Are there any restrictions for the Free VPN Accounts?

Yes, there is a 30 MINUTE WAIT  per VPN connection. Once you have been connected for 30 minutes, the VPN server will automatically disconnect from the VPN tunnel. You will need to WAIT 30 minutes & manually reestablish your VPN connection if you wish to continue to use the Free VPN Account. The outbound email (SMTP) is also blocked with this account

With our PROVPN Accounts you receive  a NO INTERRUPTIONS  VPN Connection . The SMTP port (outbound email) is fully open for our PROVPN Account. See for yourself,  signup for our 7 day free trial.


3. Are there any other restrictions ? 

Yes there is 30 MINUTE TIME  LIMIT.When you use our FREE VPN ACCOUNT you will be given a 30 minute limit for each session using the Free VPN Account.  Your connection will automatically disconnects after 30 minutes. Wait another 30 minutes and connect again.

THE RESTRICTIONS WILL BE : 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off, 30 minutes on, 30 minutes using the FREE VPN ACCOUNT and so forth.

If you want a NO INTERRUPTIONS  VPN Connection, check out our PROVPN Accounts  you are sure to find a plan that fits your needs.  Our PROVPN Accounts start  as low as $7.95 per month with a  1 week free trial.


4. Are there any other restrictions?

Yes there is. In order to keep your Free VPN Account active every month you will need to CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL that we send to you. NOTE:  We don’t spam our customers with emails. We just email them whenever their Free VPN Account is due to expire or needs to be upgraded. A simple reminder will be sent to your emails and simply click the link to continue using the VPN REACTOR FREE VPN Account.

RESTRICTIONS: You cannot use the service to spam, to commit any criminal acts, or abuse the free service.


5. What is the VPN address for the Free VPN Account service?  or


6. What is the VPN protocol used for the Free VPN Accounts?

VPN REACTOR has a PPTP (Point – to – Point Tunneling Protocol) with a 128 – bit encryption


7. Can I connect to VPNReactor from multiple devices?

  • Free VPN Account  permits one device connection at a time.
  • VPNReactor Pro permits one simultaneous desktop and mobile connection.


8. Do you store any logs?

No. You can be assured that no logs are kept.  VPN REACTOR service is designed to  temporarily keep connection logs for only 5 days to track down spammers, etc. After that they rotate off the server and  there is no way to track down our users’ activities.


9. How can you offer a Free VPN Account?

We  offer a Free VPN Account as a public service to the internet users,in order to help them ensure an open and free Internet with the right to privacy and security.

The continuous increasing  of snooping, not only hackers, but governments, companies, colleges, and ISPs are alarming. We hope you have enjoyed the opportunity to use our Free VPN service and agree with our philosophy of an individuals right to privacy. Be sure to experience  what else we can offer you by upgrading to our PROVPN Account. The sense of security you will receive is priceless.


10. How do you ensure my privacy?

When you connect to  VPN REACTOR we create a private encrypted tunnel between you and the Internet.  Nobody can spy on where you connect to, where you come from,or what you do.  We only keep logs for 5 days to stop spammers, criminals and those who violate our Terms of Service. Nevertheless, the logs are automatically deleted after the 5 days.

Without a VPNReactor VPN Account, all your private details are available for the taking and you can be instantly traced to your ISP and ultimately YOU.

Rest assured you will enjoy complete privacy if you use either our Free VPN Account or one of our PRO VPN Accounts .


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