Skip manual setup, Download VPNReactor for Mac

  • Easy setup with auto installer.
  • No configuration. Connect/Disconnect your VPN with 1 click.
  • Easily switch between VPN Servers & Protocols.
  • Advanced VPN protocols not available with Manual setup.
  • Automatic VPN server & Software updates.
Download VPNReactor for Mac

Video Walkthrough
Watch the following Video Walkthrough OR read the detailed instructions below.

The secret key is “VPNReactor (CASE SENSITIVE).

Before you begin…

    This tutorial assumes that you already did the following:

  • Create a VPNReactor Account.
    Not yet? Sign up or purchase a VPN account from here.

Let’s Start!

    1. Click on ‘System Preferences’.


    2. Select ‘Network’.


    3. Click on the plus (+) icon in the lower left corner to add a new connection.
    Note: you may need to click the lock icon in the lower left to unlock the preference pane and make changes.


    4. Enter the following details:

    • Interface: Choose ‘VPN’
    • VPN Type: Choose ‘L2TP over IPSec’
    • Service Name: VPNReactor

    Click ‘Create’.


    5. Then configure as follows:


    Then click ‘Authentication Settings’ button and enter the following:

    • Password: (Your VPNReactor Password)
    • Shared Secret: VPNReactor (Please enter Correctly. This is CASE – INSENSITIVE)

    Click ‘OK’.



    7. Check ‘Disconnect when switching user accounts’, ‘Disconnect when user logs out’ and ‘Send all traffic over VPN connection’. Then click ‘OK’.


    8. Click ‘Apply’.


    9. HOORAY! You can now enjoy being anonymous online. To verify that your VPN is working, you can visit and must show that YOUR IP ADDRESS IS SECURED.



For questions, contact VPNReactor Support. We are glad to serve you!