Security FAQ

1. Does your VPN service keep any type of connection logs? 
No and will never be.

2. Do I need a special type of firewall when I use VPNReactor VPN service?

If you have a router and you’re using a built in firewall, we recommend you to install a software firewall when using VPNReactor VPN service.The hardware firewall in your router can’t scan the traffic running through a VPN-tunnel such as the one our VPNReactor VPN service is using.
3. Will my service provider be able to intercept my communication when connected?
No, we can assure you that nobody will be able to track or intercept your connection.

4. Which applications will be anonymized?
All applications, not only web traffic.

5. Is my connection protected?
Yes, every connection has 128-bits encryption.

6. Do I have to connect using the PPTP client every session?
Yes, every time you start your computer you have to use the PPTP client if you want to access the service.