Before you begin…

  • You must have a VPNReactor Account.
  •   Not yet? Purchase a VPN Account from VPNReactor.

  • Download VPNReactor Certificate and unzip it to your PC.

Let’s Start!

    1. Import VPNReactor certificate to your Blackberry device. You can do this in either via USB or via WiFi.

    If you prefer to use a USB connection, connect your Blackberry device to your computer using a USB cable then proceed.

    Else, meaning you connect via WiFi, just proceed to Step 2.

    2. Click ‘Network’.

    Wait some time until your Blackberry device shows up . . .

    3. Double click the blackberry device.

    4. Double click on ‘Certs’ folder.

    5. On your Blackberry device, click the ‘Settings’ icon.


    6. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘About’ and write down your IP Address. In our example,


    7. Go back to ‘Settings’ on your Blackberry device then click ‘Storage and Access’ tab. Switch ON ‘Access using WiFi’ and setup access password.


    8. In your computer, if you’re using Windows Operating System, open Command Prompt and type the IP Address as \\

    For example,


    If your computer uses a Mac Operating System, select ‘Go’ > ‘Connect to Server’ and type the IP Address as smb://
    For example,


    Then, open ‘Certs’ folder. If necessary, enter username and storage access password. Default username is Blackberry.

    9. In your computer, go to the folder where you saved ‘ca_cert’ (the VPNReactor Certificate) you download. Extract the file, copy and paste into ‘Certs’ folder of your connected Blackberry device.

    10. In your Blackberry device, go to ‘Security’ > ‘Privacy’ > ‘Certificates’.


    11. In certificates section, click ‘Import’. In ‘Class’, select Personal Trusted CA and check VPN. Click ‘Next’.


    12. In ‘Import Certificates’ window, select ca_cert.crt file and click ‘Import’.


    13. Now return to the Certificates screen and be sure “All Certificates” is selected in the drop-down menu. Scroll down until you see If you see it in the list, that means you have successfully imported the Security Certificate and you may now proceed to set up your VPN

    14. Now, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Network Connections’ > ‘VPN’ tab.


    15. Click or Tap ‘Add New VPN Profile’ and configure as follows:

    Profile Name: VPNReactor
    Server Address:
    Gateway Type: Microsoft IKEv2 VPN Server
    Authentication Type: EAP-MSCHAPv2
    Authentication ID Type: Fully Qualified Domain Name
    Authentication ID: Your VPNReactor. Username
    MSCHAPv2 Password: Your VPNReactor Password
    Gateway Auth Type: PKI
    Gateway Auth ID Type: Identity Certificate Distinguished Name
    Gateway CA Certificate:

    16. Click VPNReactor connection and CONNECT! Green Bars indicates the success VPN Connection.


    17. Hooray! You can now enjoy being anonymous online while using your Blackberry device.

    To verify that you’re having a secured IP address already, visit


    For questions, contact VPNReactor Support. We are glad to serve you!